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  • Keep Your Office Well-Heated and Comfortable This Winter  Compared to a residence, offices are typically larger buildings with more indoor air space. That means that there’s more room for heat to dissipate during the winter.  To keep the entire office space pleasantly

  • Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace Filter  Your relationship with your furnace might mostly consist of turning it on and off. In general, that’s fine. However, there’s one component of this appliance that every furnace owner should have a basic

  • Reasons Your Furnace Might Not Start A properly functioning furnace helps you live comfortably and safely through the cold winter months in Idaho. On a bitter cold night, your heating system isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. When your furnace fails to

  • Reducing Heating Costs During the Cold Months  Heating your home is expensive. That first heating bill each winter can be an unpleasant surprise. By the season’s end you’re more savvy about cutting down on your heating use—but this year, why not

  • The average lifespan of a household furnace is 16-20 years. Once you hit the 15-year mark, you can start to expect the need for regular maintenance. However, if you stay on top of any issues that come up, your aging

  • Old, outdated heating systems are inefficient. An aging system might not sufficiently heat your home—worse still, it might be costing you extra money to stay warm during winter.  Maximizing Central Heating Efficiency How can homeowners get the most efficiency out of their