Upgrade baseboard heat

Upgrading Your Baseboard Heating Can Reduce Energy Consumption

Baseboard heating has remained a popular solution for warming smaller living spaces for decades. Apartment and condominium complexes often use them along the bottom of their unit walls to provide heat in the colder months. 

However, are outdated systems causing too much energy consumption? For some, this can lead to a larger bill. With more efficient heating solutions like central heating and cooling available on the market, you should consider upgrading your baseboard heating to a more sophisticated alternative. 

Here are some signs it might be time to upgrade your baseboard heating: 

Spikes in Your Monthly Bills 

Whether you have electric baseboard heating or another type of configuration, a system that is not using energy efficiently will lead to a higher cost in your monthly bills. For many, this can put a strain on finances and make paying these expenses more difficult during the colder months. 

If you notice a spike in your monthly utility bills and cannot pinpoint the reason, you should consider having an HVAC technician come and examine the state of your baseboards. In some cases, this could require little more than a repair. However, you may want to consider updating your baseboard to a more modern, energy efficient model to reduce consumption and lower your recurring bills. 

Your Home Feels Too Cold or Too Hot

Indoor air quality goes beyond reducing the amount of dust and allergens in the air. You also want your home to maintain a stable and comfortable temperature. Nobody wants to be sweating or shivering when relaxing. 

When a baseboard heater is malfunctioning, you may notice that it either emits too much or too little heat. For example, if you set your thermostat to 72 but it feels closer to 75, this could mean that there is a dysfunction in the system that requires a repair, replacement, or upgrade. 

Conversely, if the baseboard is underperforming, some people may decide to turn the thermostat up higher than usual to warm their homes. This will lead to more energy consumption and increased utility costs over time. 

You Want to Sell Your Home and Make it More Marketable

Central heating and cooling remains a major selling point for homeowners that want to sell their property. This also holds true for landlords that are looking to attract more tenants. When you add a central system to your living space, the consumer appeal improves exponentially.

If you are considering performing renovations on your home or property prior to listing it, you should consider upgrading from baseboard to a more modern HVAC system. This investment will help improve your property’s marketability and catch the attention of more qualified buyers or tenants. 

Though upgrading to central heating and cooling will require an investment from the owner, the turnaround time is remarkably quick. The full installation can usually be completed within a few days to a week; depending on the complexity of the job and whether any additional utility lines or ductwork needs to be included in the project. For those looking to list their property quickly, it should not impede on your timeline. 

Your Baseboard Heating No Longer Serves Your Needs 

As we alluded to previously, with better heating and cooling alternatives available to consumers, baseboard heat has become a mostly outdated solution to warming your home. Because they are installed in specific places and do not cover the entire house, this can limit their effectiveness. To ensure more complete coverage, some baseboard users will turn their heat up higher and consume further excess energy to do so. 

We firmly believe that, once you experience a central heating and cooling system in your own home, you will not want to return to baseboards. The more uniform temperature produced by central heating allows you greater control over your energy consumption and creates a more comfortable living environment. 

Upgrade Your Baseboard to a Better Solution Today

If you are ready to upgrade your home past traditional baseboard heating and into a more modern air quality control system, we are here to help you. We want you to have the best living experience possible and enjoy a more comfortable living environment. 

If you are in the Boise, Idaho area or the greater Treasure Valley region and would like to explore your options for central heating and cooling, please contact us anytime to speak with one of our team members.


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