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In preparation for the summer months, you may be considering a switch from window units to central air. Whether your window units have been struggling or you are simply ready for an upgrade, there are a few distinct advantages of a central air system. Consider these benefits when making your decision.

HVAC Systems Are Better for High Humidity

Window units actually introduce humidity to a home. When they operate, they condense water inside of themselves. This water is introduced to the interior of the property. High humidity can be harmful to those with allergies or lung problems. It can also grow mold and mildew within the home.

In dry climates, increased humidity may not matter as much. A dehumidifier can help. HVAC systems , on the other hand, circulate the air and dry it at the same time.

HVAC Systems Provide Better Air Filtration

When it comes to those who frequently experience allergies, HVAC systems are almost always better. HVAC systems filter the air as it flows through them. When properly maintained, an HVAC system can filter a good amount of dust and pollen. Window units don’t have the power or the range to filter the area in the same way. When improperly cleaned, air conditioners will simply recirculate existing dust, lint, and fibers around the room.

HVAC Systems Can Connect to Existing Systems

If you already have a central heating system with a furnace providing heat through a duct system, the addition of a central air conditioner using the same duct system to provide cool air is relatively simple.

HVAC Systems Have Smart Features

HVAC systems have become incredibly advanced, with smart features that are designed to improve comfort and save money. HVAC systems can now be controlled from out of the home, set on a schedule, and analyzed for better performance.

These smart features make it easier to control the cooling of a home while also improving energy-efficiency. Homeowners can even control separate zones of their home.

HVAC Systems Provide Whole House Cooling

One of the major benefits of an HVAC system is the ability to cool an entire home. Many people are not using a single room of their property at any given time — they’re using their whole house. Multiple window units would need to be installed to replicate this behavior.

Cooling an entire house at once makes it easier to maintain the temperature. A window unit may be cooling a single area as the cool air continually flows out into the rest of the property, which reduces comfort, as it’s easy to have hot areas around your home.

HVAC Systems Add Value to Your Home

Window units can actually remove value from a property. Many window units are considered to be an eyesore to the extent that they are sometimes banned in homeowner’s associations or condo associations.

On the other hand, HVAC units have significant ROI. In many areas, buyers may not want to look at a home that doesn’t have an HVAC system, as they will know that they need to install their own central air system upon purchase. A solid HVAC system can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years, creating an investment that lasts a long time.

HVAC Systems Are Energy-Efficient

Modern HVAC systems are energy-efficient, especially compared to window units. If you’re trying to cool your entire home during the summer, an HVAC system is going to be more efficient. On the other hand, if you’re trying to cool a single room, it may not be. It all depends on how you’re using your air conditioner in your home.

Of course, upgrading to a central air unit is a significant investment. You may want to consult with a professional and get a quote for the job before making any decisions. Advanced Heating & Cooling can give you a comprehensive estimate on updating your home. Contact us today to find out more.


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