Should You Get a Window Unit or Central Air?

Has your current AC unit stopped providing the cool it used to or simply stopped working altogether? Whatever your situation, you might think that an AC replacement is your best answer. However, you might not be sure whether a window unit or central is better for your home. Discover some reasons that can help you decide which option is best for you.

When Are Window Units Better?

Window units fit right in your window and cool the air inside a specific room. When is a window unit a better solution for your needs?

You Have a Smaller Home

Smaller homes can be mobile homes, apartments, or older homes with less square footage. In any case, they sometimes do not need much to cool the air inside for cool and comfortable surroundings. A window unit can be a good choice if you only need to cool down a small amount of space or a couple rooms. Additionally, a window unit does not take up floor space, which is vital in a smaller home.

You Have Budget Concerns

Want to have adequate cooling but are not sure that central air is in your price range? A window unit is a good alternative option if you are concerned about budget. Both the initial installation and subsequent maintenance costs are usually affordable. And window units can help you save on your energy bills as well.

You Have Additional Cooling

A window unit can work effectively as a cooling system if you have adequate fans or ventilation to pair it with.

You Want to Take Your AC With You

If moving is in your near future, a window unit is ideal for cooling your home right now and great for moving once moving day arrives. A window unit is also versatile, meaning you can install it in most windows in any type of living situation.

When Is Central Air Better?

Central air comprises of a unit, usually outside, and an indoor thermostat. When should you consider central air as your primary cooling source?

You Have a Larger Home

A home with medium or large square footage or multiple rooms often needs a versatile and thorough central air system for complete cooling. A window unit simply cannot provide the air a medium-size or larger home needs to keep its occupants cool and comfortable.

You Want Eco-Friendly, Customizable AC

Central air technology improves by the day. Most new models are energy-efficient, which helps the environment and your energy bills. Additionally, newer thermostats are more adjustable and customizable. Whether you want to set temperatures for certain times of the day or switch your AC on and off remotely, many central air systems come with state-of-the-art thermostats.

You Want Quieter Cooling

A central air unit is often quieter than other AC units, mainly because the unit is outdoors. That way, you can enjoy cool air without suffering from loud AC.

You Want to Improve Your Home’s Value

Have you considered moving and want to ensure you get the best price for your home? Central air can help, especially if this is a feature that other homes in your area do not have. Central air could increase your home’s value by potentially thousands of dollars.

What Should You Do Next?

Whatever your choice in AC, rely on Advanced Heating & Cooling. If your existing AC system was working effectively in the past, but not currently, we can often repair it to bring it back to effective operation. We are happy to answer your questions about air conditioning and recommend an AC unit type based on your housing needs, preferences, and budget. Call us today to learn more and find the AC unit that is right for you.


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