Give Your Central Air Unit Room to Breathe This Summer

Summers in Boise, Idaho, can cause the reading on the thermostat to hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, which makes central air conditioning quite popular in the area. That said, some regular maintenance is required if you want your A/C to keep you sufficiently cool all summer.

While most homeowners know that they need to change the air filter and perhaps clean out the duct work every once in a while, one area of central air conditioning maintenance can sometimes be overlooked. Your central air unit is likely located outside the house and that can make it out of sight, out of mind.

To ensure you can beat the heat all summer long, you’ll want to keep this unit clean and clear of any surrounding debris. Here are some areas to watch out for this summer.

Watch Out for Growing Weeds

If you want your central air unit to run as efficiently as possible, it has to have enough space to suck in the surrounding air and do its job. If the area immediately surrounding the unit is cluttered, your unit isn’t going to be able to get the job done all that well, and might even suffer additional wear and tear.

One big thing to watch out for is any growing weeds in the area. Get yourself a weed whacker and be diligent about keeping them in check. If you frequently have weeds in the area, you might want to use a chemical solution to permanently take them out of the picture.

Watch Out for Flying Grass Clippings While You Mow the Lawn

While nearby weeds can be a major problem, you should also be conscious of how high you are allowing the grass to grow in the same area. You want the grass to be cut as low as possible so that it never has a chance to reach any working part of your central air unit.

While you cut the grass you should also be aware of where any flying grass clippings are going. Position your lawn mower so that it will not send freshly cut grass directly towards the unit. The last thing you want is to clog up the works.

Watch Where You Put Gardening Tools and Other Summer Accessories

While maintaining the weeds and grass around the area is half the battle, you should also make sure no member of your family is storing anything like gardening tools, pool supplies, or other summer accessories up against the house within range of the central air unit.

Create a spot in the garage your backyard shed for these items and be sure to remove these things if you find them in the wrong spot. Too much clutter positioned too closely to the unit will cause the same problem as high weeds or grass.

Watch Out for a Build Up of Gunk Inside Your Unit

Even if you do your best to keep the area clear, you should still open up the central air unit from time to time to clean it out. Shut the unit off first before you begin.

Once the unit’s cover is removed, pay special attention to the fan, coil, and the fins down the sides. Remove any gunk you find, and make sure the unit is fully reassembled before you turn it back on. Keep in mind… removing debris can be a difficult task and is not recommended for all homeowners. If you notice a specific issue while cleaning the unit, contact a professional for help.

Advanced Heating & Cooling has served the Boise, ID, area since 1982. Our professionals are experts at central air installation, maintenance and repair. Do what you can this summer to give your central air unit a wide berth, being sure to clear away any leaves, debris or grass clippings that might cause an issue. If you encounter any problems, contact us to get your central air unit running smoothly again.


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