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Normally $650

Plasma Pure

  • Brush-style needlepoint ionizer produces positive and negative oxygen ions that neutralize odors and harmful pollutants
  • Controls odors associated with household aerosols or cleaning products
  • Reduces particles in the air

*All sale prices expire 12/31/2022


Normally $1,000

Dust Free Active Air Purification

  • Reduces particulate matter such as, dust and dander by improving the performance of your existing filtration system
  • Innovative carbon fiber brushes that increase ion production
  • Effective against biological growth, bacteria, odors, VOC’s, and more, in the air and on surfaces

*All sale prices expire 12/31/2022

Advanced Membership Agreement

residential single system homes

  • 5 year service guarantee on repairs
  • You will receive our LOWEST rate always,
  • 10% off parts, labor, and equipment
  • $49 Diagnostic Fee
  • No overtime fees
  • No nights and weekend upcharge
  • Energy usage will decline
  • Reduces the chance of a critical failure
  • Regular specials for our AMA customers

*All sale prices expire 12/31/2022