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Over the last two decades, our team has emerged as a top-tier project developer worldwide, fostering reliable and long-term partnerships. Our team’s track record of grid-connected projects globally and in the US speaks for itself. Work with bankable industry leaders, Secure development capital options, Local resources and in-house staff support. Our offerings eliminate the complexities of distributing and billing for solar energy across multiple units while providing guaranteed savings for tenants. We add a layer of intelligence to your shared solar by integrating your properties billing ledger. We ensure that your communities solar benefits are distributed using modern age grid resiliency logic. We compare resident behavior using proprietary algorithms to equitably distribute the benefits of solar based on real time usage, solar availability, and avoided utility cost.

If your multi-unit or commercial project has been designed for modular construction or you’d like to find out if modular construction is a good fit for you, it’s an exciting time to explore these options. This innovative technique is poised to revolutionize the way our society approaches large-scale building. We work with the industry’s leading modular consultants that are transforming the construction industry by establishing modular as the preferred way to build. We offer a complete suite of consulting services built on our enthusiasm for guiding clients through all phases of solar, wind, storage, vehicle chargers, hvac and plumbing to be integrated with your commercial modular construction project.

Our dynamic team of analysts, designers, project managers, and business development professionals shares a true passion for solar, hvac, energy efficiency and modular. That’s because we’ve experienced first-hand the positive impact on builders and communities alike when we apply the quality and efficiency of off-site construction to traditional projects. From conversion through completion, our talented industry experts take the stress out of volumetric modular building. Our success will be measured by your success.

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We can save cost and time by integrating our services inside the manufacturing plant. We can save money with our ability to secure rebates and incentives for renewable energy projects. We have a phenomenal way to create a new revenue source by leveraging your renewable project with state of the art technology. We have more than 20 years experience working with modular manufacturing on ways to streamline energy efficiency projects.

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