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Residential Furnace Repair, Installation, and Maintenance

Idaho Residential Furnace Services

When your residential furnace is not running at peak performance, you’ll notice it. An inefficient furnace can result in loud noises, concerning odors, higher utility bills, and a cold home.

If you notice an issue with your furnace, we recommend contacting us immediately. Neglecting any of these warning signs could pose a number of serious safety hazards. 

Why Are High-Quality Residential Furnaces Important? 

Between autumn and spring, your gas bill can quickly become your greatest expense. Inefficient residential heaters will often run at higher capacity to compensate for performance issues. This results in greater energy use that you will notice when it is time to pay your utilities. 

An efficient furnace can help maintain consistent temperatures. This results in a more comfortable living space and lower costs that become more predictable over time. Investing in a high-quality heating system is also an investment in your quality of life! 

Our Residential Furnace Services 

Our team of dedicated residential HVAC technicians can provide the following services: 


Purchasing a residential furnace requires careful thought and consideration. This appliance will be permanently installed in your home and you expect it to operate as intended for years to come. Choosing the right one is not as simple as selecting a microwave for your kitchen. 

At Advanced Heating and Cooling, we are proud York Brand representatives. We believe that York furnaces are among the best products on the market. Some reasons we think you’ll love York include: 

  • Durable construction for reduced energy and maintenance expenses 
  • Precise and consistent temperatures for greater comfort and more predictable utility costs 
  • Backed by customer-focused warranties to protect your investment 

York furnaces are manufactured with customers in mind. We share this value, and we want to pass these spectacular features onto you.


Installing a furnace involves placing a heavy appliance in your home and ensuring it’s securely connected to multiple utility lines. If you want to avoid doing this yourself, we don’t blame you. 

After purchasing your furnace, our team of dedicated residential HVAC experts will install it for you. This way, you can enjoy a warmer home with the added peace of mind that your system has been safely connected. 


When you turn your furnace off during the warmer months, it remains unused for long periods of time. When turning on an older furnace again in the fall or winter, you might notice some warning signs. These can include odd odors, low airflow, and significantly higher utility costs. 

If your furnace is displaying any of these concerning signs, please contact us right away. Our team can arrive at your home and identify the root cause. We can then create an action plan to correct the dysfunction so you can return to greater savings and better indoor air quality. 

No matter the age of your furnace, we also recommend scheduling semi-regular maintenance. This proactive approach can correct any performance issues long before they become more concerning later on. 

When should you schedule your maintenance appointment? We recommend at least once before you turn your furnace on in the fall or winter and before you turn it off for good when warmer weather returns. 


Are you looking to replace your old furnace? Like installing a new one, this requires a significant amount of manual labor. To ensure a smooth and safe transition between systems, our team can handle the replacement process for you. 

Other Residential Heating Products We Offer 

Beyond York systems, we also offer the following residential heating products: 

  • April Aire comfort controls and humidifiers
  • Venstar HVAC products
  • Navien and Rinnai tankless water heaters
  • Climate Master water and ground source heat pump systems
  • Heat & Glo fireplaces
  • Honeywell products
  • State and White Rogers water heaters

Get Better Residential Furnace Services Today 

Ready to get started with improving your indoor air quality? Our team of licensed and bonded professionals has the necessary skills to properly install and repair your HVAC equipment. In addition to this promise, we guarantee our services with a lifetime workmanship warranty. Schedule an appointment with us online and we will connect you with one of our residential furnace technicians.