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Residential Air Handler Service

Idaho Residential Air Handler Services

The weather in Boise, ID, can be hard to handle. One minute it’s cold, and the next it’s hot. Your heating and cooling systems need to be prepared to handle everything in between. At Advanced Heating & Cooling, our services include complete heating and air conditioning in the Boise, ID area. Since 1982, our quality HVAC services have improved air quality and comfort of many homes and businesses. Call us today!

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An air handler is an essential component for electric HVAC systems. They manage the air circulation for your home and can provide a noticeable performance boost when you need it. This results in a more efficient system and lower costs over long-term use. 

Why Are High-Quality Air Handlers Important? 

air handler service idahoAir handlers control a home’s air circulation. They are installed indoors and have a similar size and appearance to a furnace. You can use an air handler in conjunction with other HVAC systems to both cool down or heat your living space. 

A high-quality air handler will help make your home’s heating and cooling more efficient. This results in better air quality and more predictable utility costs over time. 

What You Need to Know About Residential Air Handlers 

Air handlers are not found on every residential property. However, with some HVAC configurations, they are essential. For example, most electric heat pumps will rely on an air handler instead of a gas-powered furnace. 

Air Handler Vs. Air Conditioner 

An air handler manages airflow within the home. An air conditioner actually removes hot air from a room using intake vents. You can use an air handler with a central AC system to move cooled air more efficiently back into your home. 

Our Residential Air Handler Services 

Our team of dedicated residential HVAC technicians can provide the following services: 


If you are considering converting your home to electric heating and cooling systems, you will most likely need an air handler. Our sales team can help recommend the right solution for your property’s needs. 

At Advanced Heating and Cooling, we are proud York Brand representatives. We believe that York air handlers are among the best systems on the market. Some reasons we think you’ll love York products include: 

  • Quiet operation thanks to sound-defeating technology for greater comfort
  • Consistent temperatures for more predictable utility expenses 
  • Lower energy bills thanks to highly efficient performance 
  • Backed by industry-leading warranties 

York develops all of its HVAC products with customers in mind. We share this value, and we want to pass these spectacular features onto you.


When installing an air handler in your home, location is everything. An air handler should be installed away from common areas yet also remain accessible for the user or a maintenance technician. In most cases, these products are installed in attics or basements. 


Our team of residential service technicians can perform repairs or ongoing maintenance on your air handler. Regardless of its age, brand, or issue, we will work with you to identify the root cause and correct it for lasting efficiency. 

We also recommend scheduling regular maintenance for your HVAC system. This will help ensure that any issues are corrected before they become more costly or concerning. 


Ready to replace your old air handler with a new one? If you do not want to bother with hauling a piece of heavy equipment into your home and up into your attic, we don’t blame you. After purchasing your new air handler, our team can ensure a smooth transition between units for your comfort and convenience. 

Get Better Residential Air Handler Services Today 

Ready to get started with improving your indoor air quality? Our team of licensed and bonded professionals has the necessary skills to properly install and repair your HVAC equipment. In addition to this promise, we guarantee our services with a lifetime workmanship warranty. Schedule an appointment with us online and we will connect you with one of our residential air handler technicians.