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Residential Air Conditioning

Idaho Residential Air Conditioner Service 

A high-quality residential air conditioner is essential for great indoor air quality. During the warmer months, your home should provide a refuge from the heat. 

Our team provides air conditioning installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services to our neighbors in Treasure Valley, Idaho. Interested in making an appointment with one of our residential AC specialists? Make an appointment online.

Why Is High-Quality Air Conditioning Important? 

Underperforming air conditioning systems create multiple challenges for homeowners. These can include: Residential air conditioning

  • Higher utility bills 
  • Insufficient air quality 
  • Indoor temperatures that are not cool enough
  • More airborne allergens and other health hazards

An investment in the right air conditioning system is also an investment in your health and quality of life. You will quickly notice the returns as you save on monthly bills and enjoy better indoor air quality.

Our Residential Air Conditioner Services 

At Advanced Heating and Cooling, our team provides the following services for residential customers:


Advanced Heating and Cooling proudly offers York brand air conditioning systems. We truly believe these are the finest-quality products on the market. Why? Their systems offer quiet direct-drive designs, high-efficiency performance, and generous warranties to customers. 

Looking for the right system for your needs? Our team will work to connect you with the right system for your property. 


When installing a new air conditioning system, location is everything. The system should be accessible and positioned somewhere on your property with plenty of open air. 

After purchasing your air conditioning system, our team will deliver and install it. We will ensure everything is connected and secured to the highest standards. Proper installation will help prevent avoidable maintenance issues later. 

Maintenance and Repair

Are you noticing any performance issues with your residential air conditioning system? Maybe the airflow has weakened, there’s an odd smell coming from the vents, or you’ve noticed your utility bills skyrocket since turning on your AC. 

If you are experiencing similar problems to those mentioned above, your system might need maintenance. No matter the brand, our team of experienced service technicians can help you resolve the issue. We will arrive at your home, perform an in-depth inspection, and recommend a maintenance plan with an estimate. 

Once the estimated costs are approved, we will begin implementing our maintenance plan. Depending on severity, some services can be completed same-day while others might require our technicians to return at a scheduled date. 


Looking to replace your residential air conditioning system with a newer model? Trust our team to handle this project for you. From sales to delivery and installation, we can ensure a smooth transition from your old system to the new one. 

Get Better Residential Air Conditioning Services Today 

Ready to get started with improving your indoor air quality? Our team of licensed and bonded professionals has the necessary skills to properly install and repair your HVAC equipment. In addition to this promise, we guarantee our services with a lifetime workmanship warranty. Schedule an appointment with us online and we will connect you with one of our residential air conditioning technicians.